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About PixelShine

PixelShine is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based image processing software that improves CT image quality in low-dose and standard dose CT scans. It reduces noise (i.e. de-noise images) and enhances Signal to Noise Ration (SNR), which improves interpretation of CT scans by Radiologists. 

PixelShine logo 2.png
PixelShine logo 2.png

Key Benefits

Quality CT scans

PixelShine is a noise-reduction technology that increases the quality of CT scans, resulting in reduced blurring, higher SNR, better definition between structures, and may aid detectability of subtle pathologies which are borderline visible.

Broad use cases

PixelShine is indicated for paediatric CT, Neuro, Thoracic, MSK, and Cardiac (Dx and Structural) use cases.

Fast processing time

PixelShine is able to process a typical scan in less than a minute.

Enabling low-dose imaging

PixelShine supports new CT protocols to enable low radiation dose imaging, while image quality is maintained. PixelShine works on CT scans without limit whether Filtered Back projection (FBP) and Iterative Reconstruction (IR).

Compatible with all CT scanners

PixelShine is vendor agnostic and compatible with any CT equipment without any costly system upgrade, subject to meeting minimum functional requirements. 

Detailed regulatory approval

PixelShine has regulatory approval (FDA and CE) and compliance status: FDA 510(k) cleared, Class II and CE certified, Class IIa, MDD.

Cost-effective implementation

PixelShine is cost-effective with CapEx and Software as a Service (SaaS) pricing models.

Use Cases

Product: PixelShine, Manufacturer: Algomedica, Distributor: Lenia Health





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