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Advanced Visualisation

Lenia Health's Advanced Visualisation suite provides tools to enhance efficiency, image clarity, and diagnostic capabilities. It fosters improved clinical confidence by employing advanced toolsets and supports specialised imaging tools and workflows.

About PixelShine

PixelShine is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based image processing software that improves CT image quality in low-dose and standard dose CT scans. It reduces noise (i.e. de-noise images) and enhances Signal to Noise Ration (SNR), which improves interpretation of CT scans by Radiologists. 

PixelShine logo 2.png
PixelShine logo 2.png

3DICOM Viewer

Visualise your scans in 3D

3DICOM Viewer that allows for the rapid volume rendering of a 2D medical image into a fully-interactive 3D model of the patient’s specific anatomy.

3DICOM Viewer is optimised as an on-device 3D volume rendering process to convert DICOM files from 2D to 3D in less than 90 seconds so that your medical data is securely processed on your own device rather than in the cloud.

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