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Use Cases

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Enterprise Imaging

Enable your organisation to better leverage its clinical data through seamless sharing and integration between different clinical systems. 

Ideal for health services, medical imaging providers and dental clinics. 

Our suite of powerful and cost-efficient solutions are configurable to your unique needs and can easily be scaled to your growing needs.


Leverage your network of skilled radiologists for remote reporting through our secure teleradiology platform that enables rapid report turnaround, robust data security, and streamlined workflows..

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Veterinary Imaging

Address your unique imaging needs of veterinary practices and clinics, through our comprehensive solution offering a range of features and tools that enable efficient image management, streamlined workflows, and enhanced collaboration that empowers veterinary professionals to deliver exceptional care to their animal patients.

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Digital Operating Suite

Revolutionise your surgical experience by integrating advanced digital technologies into the operating room. With features such as real-time image guidance, surgical planning tools, and seamless data integration, our solution enhances surgical precision, improves patient outcomes, and streamlines workflows for surgical teams.

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Specialty Imaging

Our specialist solutions are designed to meet the unique imaging needs of specialised medical fields such as cardiology, orthopaedics, and ophthalmology. With advanced features and tailored workflows, our solutions enhance diagnostic accuracy and efficiency to support exceptional patient care.

Research & Education

Our imaging solutions are designed to support and enhance imaging-based research and educational activities. With features for centralised image storage, viewing and annotation, empower your researchers, educators and students to collaborate and knowledge share.

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